The Place Downstairs


Steven Geddes

27th January to 9th March 2015

The Place Downstairs, 11 Canonbury Place London N1 2NQ

In Voyeur I explore the shifting terrain of our exposure to sexualized images. They embed deep in our psyche, infiltrate our reactions and shape our sense of the risky, the permissible, the furtive, the erotic. The beauty and seductiveness of porcelain, used to make Voyeur, carries a strongly evocative tradition of meaning and associations. Hand-thrown vessels tower provocatively yet are rooted, like trees. Shades of Shunga can be felt in the Spring series of works on paper. Each of these intimate scenes is contained within a panoramic view evocative of a film screen. Windows open through the repetition and rhythm of the pen counteracted by a soft wash with a brush merging the marks, The Seers, use ink on paper in a different way to open up spaces for unexpected collision and disruption. Ink penetrates and travels through the texture and substance of the paper from a salvaged 1827 book Architettura.  The Rorschach-like results leave us, the viewers, to relate to the work in our own way: to dream and fantasize




'Voyeur' Porcelain vessels 2014

Laurent Delaye

Appeasing the Gods

May 5th - June 3rd 2011

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Steven Geddes 'Grecian Punk' porcelain sculpture photograph by Cameron McNee